Let me explain…. Everyday I take you through a Mobilization technique that you can apply no matter what you are doing. Even if your current gym has something programmed, it will work well no matter what the workout of the day is. After that I apply what is mobilized to a movement that you will gain ACCURATE understanding of what to do, this goes from doing a Squat over to a handstand and all the progressions to get you there. The key is to focus solely on gaining the RANGE OF MOTION first, then applying it to PROPER TECHNIQUE.
I’ve seen epic results in people who have come to me with lack of mobility and lack of understanding.
The best part is that you can head into your gym 15-20 minutes early and follow this before a class, after a class or anytime during the day and apply it to what you are currently doing even if it’s at home.

The goal is to HELP YOU IMPROVE your fitness and functionality.

The final piece that I haven’t mentioned is Nutrition. While most people “Eat well”, they really don’t. There is a very backwards way of thinking in terms of Nutrition. These restrictive diets, fads and short term quick fixes are never long term sustainability. When we focus on finding the right foods to help us get stronger, leaner and ultimately have better health then everything changes. What MOST people don’t realize is that Nutrition also plays a HUGE role in inflammation. When a joint is inflamed, it does not operate properly. The body moves better by what we fuel it… Let me break down the foundation and what I stated above for JOINT HEALTH.
If the body isn’t receiving enough nutrients, the ligaments, tendons, and fascia are less able to achieve a full range of motion. Vitamins C, D, A, and B are vital for overall health, including flexibility.
How many times have you eaten poorly and the next time youre in the gym you feel sluggish, you feel tighter than ever and you struggle to move freely. Well this is a key concept as to why that is…it’s your Nutrition. This can highly impact your body’s capacity to function at the ability you want it to. After your first week, you will schedule a call with me to set up your Nutrition. Here is where we will look at what you’re currently doing, not doing, what you have trouble with and what areas are the biggest set back for you. You’ll be given custom Macros, a custom plan and a pathway to follow. The goal with the nutrition portion of Coachable is to eliminate the guessing for you in how much to eat, what to eat and begin fueling your body with the proper macronutrients.